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Free pick up service

Free pickup will be offered by some members on a voluntary basis when new appliances are delivered. As a first step, the collected appliances will be stored with the volunteer members. When a member has collected a minimum number of appliances, our partner responsible for recycling the appliances, will pick up the appliances directly from that member.

Moving Fees

Pickup and transportation will be offered free of charge to clients for their appliances that are ready to be loaded into the truck, i.e., next to the door.

Removal or moving charges may apply if the unit needs to be moved from indoors to outdoors.

Financial Compensation

To increase the recovery of appliances at the end of their useful life, a financial compensation program will be set up for volunteer members who agree to recover and store the appliances to be recycled.

Would you like to volunteer to collect and store appliances?

Please contact SORAC to express interest in participating in the voluntary collection and for more information about the financial compensation program.

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Important information regarding the collection service!

Please note that the end-of-life appliance collection service is not yet deployed. The current pilot project is limited to specific areas.

Thank you for your understanding.