Collection Of Appliances

Is your refrigeration or freezing appliance reaching the end of its life?

Is your appliance one of the covered products?

The first step is to validate if you are a business covered by the Regulation and whose recycling is provided for by the SORAC program.

If the answer is yes, YOU HAVE 3 OPTIONS:

1. Collection of your end-of-use appliance when purchasing a new one:

Free pickup will be offered by some members on a voluntary basis when new appliances are delivered. Check with your supplier to determine if they are a voluntary collection member.

IMPORTANT : It should be noted that pickup and transportation must be offered free of charge to clients for their appliances that are ready to be loaded into the truck, i.e., next to the door. Members that agree to take back an appliance but need to move it from inside the building to outside are free to charge the customer for the “uninstallation” or “relocation” of the appliance.

2. Take your appliance to one of our private drop-off points:

Private drop-off points located in some major citie centers allow you to drop off your appliances there.

IMPORTANT : It should be noted that you must contact the person in charge of the drop-off point to make an appointment before bringing your appliance at its end-of-use.

3. One-time pick-up of several appliances at the same place

Il pourrait être possible d’organiser une collecte spécifique pour le ramassage de plusieurs appareils qui sont en fin de vie et sont rassemblés dans un même lieu.

Contact SORAC to assess the possibilities and plan the collection: 1-888-728-9169

Given the program’s start-up,
a collection process will be implemented
in 3 phases:

Phase 1

Voluntary collection of appliances from SORAC members – end of January 2023

Phase 2

Public drop-offs – fall 2023

Partnerships will be etablished to provide commercial and institutional customers with access to public drop-off points across Quebec for their end-of-use appliances.

Phase 3

Collection upon request starting in 2024

A toll-free, on-call collection network will be set up to collect your appliances directly from your establishment.

Important information regarding the collection service!

Please note that the end-of-life appliance collection service is not yet deployed. The current pilot project is limited to specific areas.

Thank you for your understanding.