What Is An Eco-Fee?

Eco-fees are included in the price of new refrigeration and freezing appliances in accordance with the Regulation respecting the recovery and reclamation of products by Québec enterprises.

These eco-fees reflect the actual cost to fund the collection, transportation and recycling of the appliances, as well as the SORAC program management. Thanks to the collection of eco-fees, the recovery of these products at the end of their useful life will not incur any costs for SORAC members, other than their annual membership fees. The decision to display the eco-fees is up to the member and in this case, the information must be disclosed as soon as the product is put on the market. Rules for displaying eco-fees are provided for in the Regulations. You can find more information including examples of label and invoice displays that comply with the Regulations in the member's guide.

SORAC however recommends the display of eco-fees in order to inform and educate the end user about the importance of returning his product when it has reached the end-of-use and thus contribute to achieving the recycling objective of the Regulation.

Please note that as of December 30, 2022, an amendment to the regulations provides that the display of ecofees when selling a product must include a reference to the SORAC website in order to obtain information concerning the recycling. The ecofees are grouped into five categories, the cost of which ranges from $90 to $215 depending on the type of device. Consult the list of covered appliances to determine which ecofee category the products you market belong to.

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