Become a SORAC Member

  1. To validate if your company is targeted, refer to pages 15 to 20 of our members guide.
  1. If you are a target company, we invite you to read our Membership Agreement.
  1. You can then contact us to continue the membership process by clicking on the button below.
Joining SORAC allows you to:
  • Benefit from a very affordable annual membership fee that represents the only cost of participating in the program
  • Take advantage of our appliances collection and recycling system at no extra cost
  • Meet your regulatory obligations and meet the recycling targets set by the ministry
  • Save time because the mandatory audits and reports to be sent to RECYC-QUÉBEC are written for you
  • Have access to all the tools developed by our organization to collect the eco-fees
  • Have access to a dedicated resource for personalized support

Become a volunteer member

If you are not directly targeted you can choose to become a volunteer member.

Why become a volunteer member of SORAC?

  • By selling to distributors located in Quebec, your appliances will ultimately be recovered and recycled by SORAC
  • Help meet the recovery target of commercial appliances and thus protect the environment
  • Help reduce: we avoid the release of one ton of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, per recycled appliance
  • Get visibility with our members, who are your partners (retailers, distributors) in the refrigeration industry in Quebec
  • Your company name will be published on our website, in the Volunteer Members section and in our newsletter
  • Highlight your company's commitment to your stakeholders through your environmental protection or sustainable development policy

You can contact us to continue the volunteer membership process by clicking on the button below.

Become a SORAC Member

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