Products Covered By
the Regulation

You are a company that markets refrigeration and/or freezing appliances, designed and intended for commercial or institutional use, in particular, those that belong to the following categories:

Products Covered By the Regulation

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • Cooling units
  • Refrigerating wine cellars
  • Wine coolers
  • Refrigerated display cases
  • Ice machines
  • Refrigerated automatic food or beverage vending machines
  • Beverage centres
  • Medical and laboratory refrigerating appliances

Excluded products

  • Products weighing more than 400kg
  • Refrigerators and freezers whose effective volume is less than 2.5 ft3
  • Products that form an integral part of an immovable to ensure its usefulness or facilitate its use within the meaning of article 901 of the Civil Code. *
  • Used products

* Example: central air-conditioning system, heat pumps, walk-in refrigerator (beer refrigerator).

Product CategoriesEco-fees
Category A150 $
Refrigerator/freezer with solid door(s) (400 kg and less) - 1 door
Undercounter refrigerator/freezer (>=2.5 cu .ft.) - Refrigerated base
Undercounter refrigerator/freezer (>=2.5 cu. ft.) - Refrigerated table, salad/sandwich, pizza
Beer fridge
Ice machines - Large (30 inches wide or more)
Ice cream freezer
Ice cream stand
Refrigerated cellar
Dry aging cabinet
Other devices not listed - Medium (40-99 kg)
Floor model Ice cream machine – (48 inches and more)
Product CategoriesEco-fees
Category D215 $
Refrigerated vending machines (food or drink)
Other appliances not listed - Extra large (200-299 kg)
Product CategoriesEco-fees
Category B175 $
Solid door refrigerator/freezer (400 kg and less) - 2 doors
Solid door refrigerator/freezer (400 kg and less) - 3 doors
Other devices not listed - Large (100-199 kg)
Product CategoriesEco-fees
Category C150 $
Refrigerator/freezer with glass door(s) (400 kg and less) - 1 door
Refrigerator/freezer with glass door(s) (400 kg and less) - 2 doors
Refrigerator/freezer with glass door(s) (400 kg and less) - 3 doors
Refrigerated drop-in
Refrigerated/frozen island
Refrigerated counter display
Refrigerated pastry display
Air curtain open refrigerated display (grab n go style)
Vertical refrigerated/frozen display
Product CategoriesEco-fees
Category E90 $
Beverage/juice dispenser
Beer, wine dispenser
Milk dispenser
Ice machine- (small) 30 inches wide or less
Dairy bar machine
Slush machine
Bottle cooler
Rapid cooler
Others - Small (less than 40 kg)
Water cooler (including the ones connected to the water supply)

Submit An Eco-Fee Report

Reporting of eco-fees began on December 1st, 2022. As of this date, new members will be required to report their eco-fees retroactively at the time of joining SORAC.

All members are required to report monthly unless they receive written approval from SORAC regarding other arrangements. Reportable sales begin on the first day of the calendar and end on the last day of each month.

Declarations must be made via the eco-fees declaration file, within 15 days of the end of each reporting period. After sending your declaration, you will receive an invoice and you will have 30 days following the end of the reporting period to pay your bill.

For more details, refer to pages 21-23 of the member's guide.